DMI Vision

Reveal Christ through covenant relationships of love Reconstruct society through church planting Establish a faith based economy Making disciples from each generation Restore the kingdom of God through family-centered ministry and outreach Revive a life of holiness through a consecrated life of brokenness, personal integrity and a life of prayer.



Goals and Objectives

  • Bring honor to the Lord Jesus Christ. Establish at least 1000 new churches globally in the next (15) years. 
  • Establish an apostolic covering for churches that will promote fellowship, networking, spiritual development, instruction, accountability, economic empowerment, inspiration, dissemination of information, and leadership development. 
  • Become an international resource center for ministerial training and church planting for churches around the world. 
  • Support global ministries. 
  • Bring about spiritual awakening in he cities, schools, universities and governments throughout the world. 
  • Partner with The Sign of the Dove churches and like-minded churches who want an apostolic covering. 
  • Build up Christians in the workplace, demonstrating a biblical worldview in every segment of our society. 
  • Identify, train, develop, mobilize and release the untapped leader within every human, especially those in the under developed areas in the USA and third world nations.